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Welcome to Kustom Industries HQ! Yes Kustom can!

What do you do? #

At Kustom industries we believe that homescreens will need to look awesome when Aliens will come, this is why we do top notch tools for that. But a picture is worth a thousand words right? So check out last month greatest creations from our awesome and always growing Reddit Community, join the revolution!

Rock with Kustom #

Get the apps #

Go get Kustom now, best thing to do is to start playing with it. You can download our apps from:

Be involved #

Need help? Wanna discuss new things? Kustom is 10% software 90% our great community!

Spotlight #



Create Android widgets your way, not only clocks but calendars, music widgets, home automation dashboards, system information screens, basically anything, just have a look at our functions and see what you can do



Push your customization to the limit with the most advanced live wallpaper creator in da house! Add animations to your data in the most creatives way, make your home screen interactive exactly as you imagined it

Examples #

As you know our motto is “Kustom Can”, in our recipes section on the left menu here you can find a set of example and common use cases. Do you want us to make a tutorial for you? Just let us know via email. In the meanwhile check these out:

Localization #

Kustom is translated by our awesome community with the help of Localazy platform, check it out now and help us reaching more languages!

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