Animated GIF Support

Animated GIF Support #

KLWP and KLCK do support animated GIFs but this option has been hidden due to high battery usage of this feature, the capability will be enabled again as soon as i will find a way to do this efficiently without impacting battery. This said you can still enable GIFs in Kustom by doing the following:

  • Select the following code and copy it to your Android device clipboard:

      ##KUSTOMCLIP## { "clip_version": 1, "clip_cut": [], "clip_modules": [ { "internal_type": "MovieModule" } ] } ##KUSTOMCLIP##
  • Open Kustom go to the editor in the ROOT folder and in the LAYERS editor, then press PASTE, a new Movie Module will be added to your design

  • You can now add an Animated GIF, you can then also copy / paste this item between your designs

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