Touch or Launch App Not Working

Touch or Launch App Not Working #

On some device especially XIAOMI or ONEPLUS touch or launch app might not be working, to fix this please do the following:

  • Ensure Kustom and the Launcher are removed from battery optimization
  • Open Kustom settings, on the top select Notification Mode and then press FORCED, you can still hide the notification from android settings please check this article
  • *Optional* grant Kustom Notification access: from Android settings click Apps & Notifications -> Special App Access -> Notifications and grant access to Kustom app

You can also check for more info depending on your device vendor


  • Also ensure this permission is set to yes: Apps > Permissions > Other permissions > KLWP > Settings > Home screen shortcuts SET TO YES


  • Enable “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” on Apps -> KLWP

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