KLWP downloads #

Latest stable: 3.75 #

Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.75b410013
Size: 31.53mb
Uploaded: 2024-04-09T14:30:53.207Z

Latest beta: 3.76 #

Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.76b417112beta
Size: 31.29mb
Uploaded: 2024-06-19T13:32:16.633Z

Variants #

Previous builds #

Previous releases: #


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.74b331712
Size: 29.32mb
Uploaded: 2023-11-13T12:45:16.412Z
Release Notes: None


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.73b314511
Size: 28.85mb
Uploaded: 2023-05-25T11:06:06.408Z
Release Notes:

  • Added new free path in Shapes, draw ANYTHING you want! Check out https://kustom.rocks/svgpath
  • Added confirm dialog on preset delete
  • You can now spell numbers and clock in Japanese
  • You can now parse dates in ISO or other formats via dp()
  • Hiding duplicates in font picker
  • Fixed issues with preset import on file open
  • Fixed sizing issues on foldable screens
  • Fixed flow issue not hiding when closing bottom menu
  • Fixed gradients in squircle shape
  • Fix KLWP disappearing objects when close to the edge
  • Fix issue on Samsung devices when adding a shortcut
  • Fix Kustom forgets Tasker vars not updated for more than 6 days


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.72b311310
Size: 29.39mb
Uploaded: 2023-04-23T10:17:01.532Z
Release Notes:

  • You can now set globals using an URI like kwgt://global/name/value
  • Fixed new presets not shown after export or import
  • Fixes lag on KLWP in some preset


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.71b308214
Size: 29.37mb
Uploaded: 2023-03-23T15:20:06.570Z
Release Notes:

  • You can now C style use /* comments */ inside $kustom expressions$
  • Brand new export dialog, feedback welcome!
  • You can now export as image
  • Flows can open URI and Intent links (so you can set Tasker vars)
  • Flows can store any type of globals not just text globals
  • Fixes new preset being re-exported causing duplicates
  • Fixes music player info providing wrong package name
  • Fixes feels like temperature not using provider data in AccuWeather
  • Fixed "$wi(tempu)$" not changing when settings changed


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.70b303210
Size: 27.11mb
Uploaded: 2023-02-01T15:32:57.948Z
Release Notes:

  • Added Kustom Flows to bring you where no one has gone before https://kustom.rocks/flows
  • Added Secret Globals to store sensitive data like API keys in locked komponents
  • Added support for remote messages (http post from the internet), see https://kustom.rocks/remotemsg
  • Added support for Material You "Monet" accent and neutral colors via $si(sysca1/a2/a3/n1/n2, shadelevel)$ function https://kustom.rocks/dyncolors
  • KLWP now detects if its zoomed via $si(wgzoomed)$, can be used on some launcher to understand when drawer or recents are opened
  • Improved speed of listing entries / fonts from SD
  • Fixed KWGT not correctly updating when a global was changed
  • Fixed YRNO weather provider current conditions not always displayed


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.63b228708
Size: 24.22mb
Uploaded: 2022-10-14T09:49:44.318Z
Release Notes:

  • New lv() function can set local variables
  • In KWGT si(darkmode) now only returns system dark mode
  • Added si(darkwp) that returns 1 when wallpaper colors prefer a dark theme
  • Formula faves are now also stored on external storage as a backup measure


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.62b224415
Size: 23.82mb
Uploaded: 2022-09-01T17:01:40.099Z
Release Notes:

  • Font picker now shows current text as preview
  • Font picker UI improvements
  • Fixed duplicate issue on exporting some preset
  • Fixes notifications export issues
  • Fixes random image and file not working even in Kustom subfolders


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.61b223012
Size: 23.81mb
Uploaded: 2022-08-18T14:48:01.266Z
Release Notes:

  • Improved save speed for presets with lots of resources
  • Slightly improved external font / font packs loading speed
  • Fixed KLWP 5 secs delay
  • Fixed font picker not remembering scroll position
  • Fixed alpha ordering in font picker
  • Fixed recent/faves not working for local storage presets


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.60b220710
Size: 23.79mb
Uploaded: 2022-07-26T11:53:10.530Z
Release Notes:

  • Fixed local fonts not saved


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.59b220615
Size: 23.79mb
Uploaded: 2022-07-25T16:49:38.021Z
Release Notes:

  • Hot fix exporting presets will not store resources


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.58b217313
Size: 23.79mb
Uploaded: 2022-06-22T14:57:01.515Z
Release Notes:

  • Removed access to SD Card due to new security policies, storage migration will be requested
  • New font picker now shows Google fonts automatically
  • KLWP workaround for Samsung Android 12 bug
  • KLWP ignores wallpaper color for dark mode
  • You can purchase KWGT without separate pro key
  • A big thanks to all the users keeping translations up to date! You rock!


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.57b121813
Size: 20.57mb
Uploaded: 2021-08-06T14:54:02.961Z
Release Notes:

  • Packs are now correctly showing newer items first in loader
  • Added Projekt launcher support on KLWP
  • Removed Yahoo weather :(


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.56b114416
Size: 20.47mb
Uploaded: 2021-05-24T16:57:20.776Z
Release Notes:

  • Fixes color picker not showing recent colors
  • Fixes load preset tasker action
  • Fixes load preset from file explorer / telegram
  • Fixes color picker unusable on small screens


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.55b112308
Size: 20.52mb
Uploaded: 2021-05-03T09:42:01.892Z
Release Notes:

  • New color picker, feedback welcome!
  • Added support for global folders
  • Fix issues with TF and settings on some device
  • Fix empty filter locks you in the loader


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.54b106810
Size: 20.16mb
Uploaded: 2021-03-09T11:24:01.520Z
Release Notes:

  • Fix loading directly from packs dashboard not working
  • Fix issues with location search
  • Language updates


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.53b104015
Size: 19.93mb
Uploaded: 2021-02-09T16:17:15.261Z
Release Notes:

  • New purchase dialog, feedback welcome
  • You can now browse installed packs in the main loader
  • Fix YrNo will stop working 31st of March
  • Fix KLWP sometimes launching wrong app
  • Fix pressing edit in the widget will then make load preset fail
  • Fix issues on Samsung when in Airplane Mode
  • Fix preview scaling in KLWP loader
  • Fix hardcoded max at 720 in number globals


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.52b102617
Size: 19.91mb
Uploaded: 2021-01-26T19:59:27.567Z
Release Notes:

  • New loader window, feedback welcome!
  • Added tc(url) to encode URLs
  • Added si(powersave) to show when power save is on
  • Fixed traditional and simplified Chinese in language settings
  • Fixed delay to launch in Android 11 for KLWP
  • Fixed location search not working in some language
  • Fixed crop not working in the editor
  • Fixed BT state not updated on change
  • Fixed SIM count on some device


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.51b30911
Size: 19.64mb
Uploaded: 2020-11-04T11:43:55.950Z
Release Notes:

  • New intro and settings
  • New KLWP control refresh rate in the advanced settings
  • Fixes Chinese language cannot be forced
  • Fixed some music players not being recognized
  • Fixes slow downs / battery issues when using palette formulas
  • Fixes battery duration / last plugged issues on Android 11


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.50b28512
Size: 14.34mb
Uploaded: 2020-10-11T12:56:16.780Z
Release Notes:

  • HOTFIX fonts and icon fonts picker not working


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.49b27509
Size: 14.34mb
Uploaded: 2020-10-01T09:35:48.771Z
Release Notes:

  • Added support for battery level of BT devices (Android 8 or newer)
  • Added support for 5G network type
  • Added squircle shape so you can get that IOS picture widget :)
  • Slightly faster export / import
  • Removed toggle WiFi and BT due to API 29 upgrade, sorry, blame Google
  • KLWP has a new option to handle raw touch on launchers where touch does not work
  • You can copy and paste globals
  • Fixed TS unit wrong
  • Fixed TU not working with negative values
  • KLCK Fixed support for Android 10
  • KLCK Fixed lock not displaying on Android 8 or newer without system lock
  • KLCK Fixed music visualizer


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.48b21017
Size: 14.12mb
Uploaded: 2020-07-28T17:21:21.600Z
Release Notes:

  • KLWP Added support for music visualization
  • KLWP General availability of Movie Module
  • Added rounded corners to triangles, exagons
  • Added CJK for Chinese chars in tc(type)
  • Weather plugin now supports also WeatherBit and, for Australia, WillyWeather
  • Fixed force weather update touch action not working
  • Fixed download/upload speed showing wrong values realtime
  • Fixed animation formulas not showing formula value


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.47b16716
Size: 14.33mb
Uploaded: 2020-06-15T16:31:30.321Z
Release Notes:

  • New you can select multiple preferred music players in the settings
  • Increased max loops in for loops
  • Fix preferred music player not forced when other players detected
  • Fix YT Music and Google Podcasts not being detected as players


Download: Google Play APK
Build: 3.46b14609
Size: 14.14mb
Uploaded: 2020-05-25T09:28:52.311Z
Release Notes:

  • New scale modes in Bitmap Module (fit height, center fit and center crop)
  • New text module fit box mode to control height and width
  • New hex and decimal conversion in mu()
  • New count text occurences with tc(count)
  • Fix palette never returning black as a color
  • Fix in current not working on some device
  • Fix ce(contrast) returning black too often
  • Fix forcing Chinese language not working
  • KLWP Fix visibility issues during animations

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