How to do a clean Kustom installation

How to do a Kustom clean installation #

  1. Uninstall your Kustom app from your device’s app page
  2. Open your File Explorer
  3. Go to Internal/External storage » Kustom or to which ever custom location you’ve set
  4. Move all the contents of the “Kustom” folder to a backup location
  5. Delete the “Kustom” folder from step 3
  6. Create a new empty “Kustom” folder in the root directory of your Internal storage
  7. Restart the device
  8. Re-install your Kustom app from the Play Store
  9. Select the empty “Kustom” folder during the initial setup as the main storage location

** If you’re using multiple Kustom apps, doing the clean install may affect all of them if they all point to the same Kustom folder.

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