Get a random image on click

Get a random image on click #

Flows can react to different things including clicks, in this example we will see how to trigger a Flow by clicking an item and making the flow pick a random file from a folder and show the image on the widget

Tutorial #

Steps #

First of all add a Widget (or a wallpaper or any other Kustom item), then:

  • Add an Image Module, scale to desired size
  • Add a Text global, call it “bmp”
  • Go back to the Image Module, set Bitmap property to a Formula then use $gv(bmp)$ as the value to point to the new global
  • Go back to the Layer and in the Flows tab
  • Create a new Flow
  • Add a Trigger of type Manual (which means triggered on touch)
  • Add an action to pick files from folder, select the right folder and image as the filter
  • Add another action to set a Global, select the global we created previously
  • Save the flow
  • Go back to the Image item, go to the touch tab
  • Add a touch action of type trigger flow and select the flow
  • You are DONE

Video #

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