Random image from Unsplash on click

Random image from Unsplash on click #

In this simple example #CraftMath downloads a random image JSON from Unsplash using their APIs updating it everything time a click is triggered

Tutorial #

Video #

Steps #

First of all add a Widget (or a wallpaper or any other Kustom item), then:

  • Register Unsplash account and request an API key
  • Store API key as a “secret” or normal global, name it “key”
  • Create a new text global, name it “json”
  • Go to Flows, add a new Flow
  • Add a “manual trigger” this will trigger the flow manually via touch
  • Add an Action of type WebGet and use “ https://api.unsplash.com/photos/random?client_id=$gv(key)$" as URL
  • Add an action to store to a Global, select “json” as the global, flow will download the JSON file and assign the global to the local JSON file path (unless you switch “store file content not path” which will intead store the file content in the global)
  • Finally add an image, switch “Bitmap” to a formula and use $wg(gv(json), json, .urls.raw)$ to use the image url from the json
  • You are done

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