Kustom Functions #

Kustom employs simple functions to display text or information in text form, visible in the formula editor. Mistakes in basic stuff are flagged, and a text preview is always provided. Examples of these functions include basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.

Syntax #

Formulas are mostly connected functions. They are enclosed by $ symbols, which signify the start and end of a formula. Math operators such as +, -, /, etc., can be used within these formulas. The way these operators work varies according to their usage. For instance, they can perform standard math, concatenate strings, or manipulate date/time values. More info on mathematical operators can be found in the Math Operators page.

Conditional operators are frequently used in Kustom Formulas. These include:

  • "=" for equals
  • ">" for greater than
  • ">=" for greater than or equal to
  • "<" for less than
  • "<=" for less than or equal to
  • "&" for AND
  • "|" for OR

Parentheses can also be used for structuring and precedence in formulas.

When you see a calculator icon in the Kustom application, it indicates that you can use a formula there. It’s essential to note that Kustom also provides rules about what the formula needs to return.

Available Functions #

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