BI - battery info

BI: battery info (level, voltage, temperature, time since charging…)


bi(type, [date])


  • type: Info type, see examples
  • date: Optional date for historical data up to 24 hours, you can use usual format so, r1h will give one hour ago, r30m 30 minutes ago and so on (see examples)


$bi(level)$%Battery Level (in %)
$bi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$Battery Temperature in local unit
$bi(tempc)$Battery Temperature in celsius
$bi(volt)$Battery voltage in millivolts
$bi(charging)$Will return 0 if on battery, 1 if charging
$bi(fast)$Will return 1 if fast charging, 0 otherwise (Android 5.x or better only)
$bi(source)$Current power source (Battery, AC, USB or Wireless)
$df("hh:mma", bi(plugged))$Date of last plugged / unplugged event
$bi(current)$Realtime charging/discharging current in milliampere
$if(bi(charging) = 0, "unplugged", "plugged")$ $tf(bi(plugged))$Time since last plugged / unplugged event
$df("hh:mma", bi(fullempty))$Date of expected next charged/discharged event
$if(bi(charging) = 0, discharged, charged)$ $tf(bi(fullempty))$Time to next expected charged/discharged event
$if(bi(charging) = 0, Discharged, Full)$$if(bi(charging) = 0 | bi(level) < 100, " in " + tf(bi(fullempty) - dp()))$Alternate time to next expected charged/discharged event with relative time
$bi(level, r30m)$%Battery Level (in %) 30 minutes ago
$bi(source, r1h)$Battery Source 1 hour ago
$bi(temp, r2h)$°$wi(tempu)$Battery Temp 2 hours ago

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