CE - color editor

CE: color editor (manipulates ARGB or HSV color values)


ce(color, filter, [amount])


  • color: A valid ARGB or RGB color String (eg #FF663399)
  • filter: Filter (alpha opacity, sat saturation, lum luminance) or gradient end color (see examples)
  • amount: A value between 0 and 100, for alpha 0 is fully transparent, for saturation 0 means greyscale and for luminance 0 is black


$ce(#FF0000, invert)$Will invert RGB color
$ce(#FF0000, comp)$Will return complementary color
$ce(#FF0000, contrast)$Return either black or white depending on best contrast
$ce(#FF0000, alpha, 50)$Will make a fully opaque red into 50% transparent
$ce(#FF0000, sat, 0)$Will convert red color into Greyscale equivalent
$ce(#FF0000, lum, 50)$Will set red luminance to 50
$ce(#FF0000, lum, a50)$Will add 50 to red luminance (0 to 100)
$ce(#FF0000, alpha, r50)$Will remove 50 from red alpha (0 to 255)
$ce(#FF0000, #FF0000, 50)$Mix half red and half blue (50% gradient)

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