DF - date format

DF: date format (represent a time instant as text)


df(format, [date])


  • format: Format to be used for the date, see examples
  • date: Date to be used. The Date can be returned by some other function or you can use text. For text dates you can both set it statically using the format '1955y11M12d22h04m00s' to express year 1955, month 11, day 12 at 22:04:00 (all fields are optional), or use 'a/r' (add/remove) operators, so, for example 'a12m3s' will add 12 minutes and 3 secs to current date.


$df(h:mm)$Hours and minutes with padding zero
$df(hh:mma)$Hours with leading zero, minutes and AM/PM marker (if 12h format in use)
$df(d MMM yyyy)$Current day number, month short name and full year
$df(dd/MM/yyyy)$Day / Month / Year numbers
$df(d)$$tc(ord, df(d))$Current day number with ordinal suffix
$df(hh)$Hours with padding zero
$df(mm)$Minutes with padding zero
$df(dd)$Day of the month with padding zero
$df(EEEE)$Current day name
$df(EEE, a1d)$Tomorrow's short day name
$df(MMMM)$Current month name
$df(D)$Day of year (number)
$df(w)$Week of year
$df(e)$Current day of the week (number, as per app settings)
$df(f)$ISO day of week (number, 1=Monday)


hHour of day (auto 1~12/0~23)
hhHour of day padded (1~12/0~23)
mMinute of hour
mmMinute of hour zero padded
sSecond of minute
ssSecond of minute zero padded
aAM/PM marker (hidden in 24h)
kHour of day (auto 0~11/1~24)
kkHour of day padded (0~11/1~24)
ddDay of month (number padded)
MMonth of year (number)
MMMonth of year (number padded)
MMMMonth of year (word short)
MMMMMonth of year (word long)
EDay of week (word short)
EEEEDay of week (word long)
DDay of year (number)
DDDDay of year (number padded)
eDay of week (number)
fISO day of week (number, 1=Monday)
FWeek of Month
oDays in current month (number 0-31)
dDay of month (number)
ddDay of month (number padded)
AAM/PM marker (always visible)
HHour of day 0-23 (fixed)
SSecond since epoc (unix time)
ZTime zone offset from GMT (in seconds)
zTime zone indicator (es PST)
WTime (hh:mm) as text
zzzzTime zone description (es Pacific Standard Time)

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