TS - traffic stats

TS: traffic stats (current download / upload speed, data usage statistics…)


ts(type, [unit], [start], [end])


  • type: Data type (use trx for total bytes download and ttx for total uploaded, tt for total uploaded downloaded, mrx/mtx/mt for mobile only stats and wrx/wtx/wt for wifi only traffic)
  • unit: Unit, a for auto (default, will add unit), b for bytes, k for kilobytes or m for megabytes
  • start: Traffic stats start date
  • end: Traffic stats end date


$ts(trx)$Current download speed in automatic unit
$ts(ttx)$Current upload speed in automatic unit
$ts(mt, a, r0d)$Total mobile traffic today
$ts(mt, a, r1d, r1d)$Total mobile traffic yesterday
$ts(mt, a, r1w)$Total mobile traffic in the last 7 days
$ts(mt, a, 2d)$Total mobile traffic from the second day of this month
$ts(mt, a, 1dr1M, 1dr1d)$Total mobile traffic last month (from the 1st to the last day of the month)

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