Resources (kfile)

Kustom resources #

As you might notice when you start using formulas for Bitmaps or other type of objects you might realize that Kustom refers internally to resources using the form kfile://provider/path, this is the internal URL scheme for looking up local and remote files.

The provider represents the “source” and can be of two different types:

  • Relative: when source is not known and Kustom has to look it up, a relative provider is always “org.kustom.provider”, this is the default when you export a preset and it will tell Kustom to search all available sources for a given preset and search for “path”
  • Absolute: when source is known, this can generaly be
    • A provider from an APK pack (their content provider)
    • Kustom own provider (so for KWGT org.kustom.widget.provider)
    • The SD card provider (starts with SDxx)
    • The internal storage provider (starts with storage)

Please never hardcode a provider in a KFile, always use the relative path if you need to reference files manually

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