Create a customizable pattern background

Create a customizable pattern background #

With Kustom is very very easy to create your own pattern based backgrounds by using the “tiling” function the the Overlap Group, let’s see how to setup a simple pattern with colors customizable via Globals. Steps are detailed just after the video.

Kustom: pattern background creation

Steps performed in the video:

  • Create two global colors, we call them “one” and “two”
  • Create an Overlap Group
  • We add to the group a background square, we switch color preference to a global by selecting it and clicking the “globe” and we select the “one” color
  • We add a small square inside and a circle on top left using global color “two” with the method above
  • We go back and we enable tiling with Layer -> Tiling 
  • We created our pattern background!
  • Finally we want to add some animations to make the pattern scrollable, we do that by using the “Animations -> Add” feature and we setup a scroll animation
  • Done, enjoy :)

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