How to make scrollable theme in KLWP

How to make scrollable theme in KLWP. #

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a basic 3-page scrollable live wallpaper in KLWP.

Empty theme

Requirements: #

  1. Launcher that supports wallpaper scrolling (eg. Nova Launcher)
  2. Enable wallpaper scrolling (Nova settings » Home screen » Enable “Wallpaper scrolling”)
  3. A background image that’s bigger than your screen

How to: #

  1. Open KLWP and start an empty theme
    Empty theme

  2. Go to the Background tab
    Empty theme

  3. Change the type to “Image”
    Empty theme

  4. Tap on “Pick Image”
    Empty theme

  5. Select your background wallpaper

  6. Add 3 different Overlap Groups and named them accordingly (Screen1, Screen2…)
    Empty theme

  7. For each Overlap Group, add a Text element with its specific values (Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3)
    Empty theme

  8. For each Overlap Group, add an Animation with the following attributes:
    Empty theme Empty theme Empty theme

***All information about the animation attributes can be found here.

  1. Save and Apply the theme

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