Sharing simple modules via text

Sharing simple modules via text #

So you have created a wonderful signal indicator using shapes and you want all your friends to use it, right? Ok, let’s see how to share it via email / g+ / whatever.

Share #

  • Open the advanced editor
  • Select the module you want to share
  • Press the share icon on the action bar
  • Select your preferred app and send! As long as you do not change anything inside the ##KUSTOMCLIP## borders you can write anything you like.

Import #

  • Copy the entire message that has been shared with you (you do not need to copy only the ##KUSTOMCLIP## part, just copy everything, for example in G+ you can press the “copy text” option in the drop down menu)
  • Open Kustom, you will see a Toast saying that “clip has been imported”
  • You are done, you can now paste the item wherever you like

Limits #

  • Bitmaps, custom fonts or resources in general are not copied
  • Globals are currently not copied

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