Switch an image or layout if day or night (or by time)

Switch an image or layout if day or night (or by time) #

howing an image based on a condition is pretty simple, to switch between one image and another based on day/night status you can do the following:

  • Create an OverlapLayer that will contain both images
  • Add an Image object to the layer just created and pick the night image
  • Select the “Opacity” property and switch it to “formula” mode using the calculator icon
  • Click it and enter following code $if(ai(isday), 0, 100)$ this will set opacity to 0 during the day and to 100 in the night
  • Add another Image object to the layer and pick the day image
  • Switch Opacity to fomula as above and enter $if(ai(isday), 100, 0)$
  • Done!

This approach can be used also with text (using the color property) or with entire layers using a formula in the “visibility” property of the layer tab and returning either ALWAYS or NEVER.

Advanced example, switch 3 layouts every 30 minutes #

Let’s try something more complex, say that you want to switch between 3 groups or komponents every 30 minutes, this can be dowe as follows

  • Create your 3 groups or komponents
  • Select the visibility option of the first group/komponent and turn it into a formula as explained above
  • Use $if((df(S) / (30*60)) % 3 = 0, ALWAYS, NEVER)$, this means that we first divide time in slices of 30 minutes (so 30*60 in seconds) and then check if the remaining part of the division by 3 is 0
  • Use the same formula on the other 2 objects replacing = 0 with = 1 and = 2 
  • Done! You can use this approach with any number of objects just replace the % 3 with the number you need and the 30*60 with the time slot you want

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